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Name:The Heavens Tremble
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Community description:A Star Trek RPG Community

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The Heavens Tremble Premise

Set two years after the events of STID.

USS Elysium

The Federation lost track of the Enterprise after the ship was deployed into an unchartered sector of deep space. The last transmission, which was a weekly report made by Captain Kirk, was received just over three weeks ago – and then nothing. All attempts to hail the Enterprise have failed, and The Federation has officially declared the ship missing in action. There are rumors that the Enterprise and her crew have been captured by Klingons, other rumors claim that the ship has been captured by Romulans seeking vengeance for their fallen brother, Nero.

The Federation Council has approved a rescue mission, and their mission guidelines state that the Enterprise must be saved at all costs – even if the flagship must be destroyed in order to preserve the secrets of Federation technology and research.

The USS Elysium, a research vessel focused on a quest to advance science and medicine, has been commissioned to lead the rescue mission. The Federation believes that the certified non-tactical status of the ship will deter non-allies from inspecting the vessel too closely. However, little do these non-allies know that the Elysium is equipped to battle alongside the most advanced tactical ship of The Federation, such as the USS Enterprise.

Captain Salome Xerx must lead her ship and crew into the darkest parts of deep space. Individual strength will be tested – some will fall, and some will fly. Will the crew of the Elysium be able to save the noble Enterprise and her crew? Or will they be faced with the hard task of destroying the one vessel that has stood as a sign of hope for millions throughout the universe?

USS Enterprise

Captain James T. Kirk and his crew are engaged in a battle with an unknown enemy. The markings on the outside of the enemy ship are unknown - no records of the insignia exist within the database of the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is currently involved in a cat-and-mouse game with the enemy ship, and Captain Kirk and his crew have so far been successful in avoiding being captured, or suffering critical damage. However, there is only so long that the Enterprise can last without recharging its energy banks, or restocking on necessary supplies.

Will Captain Kirk and his crew be able to decipher the mystery of their faceless enemy in time to make an escape, or are they doomed to face the inevitable: face captivity in the hands of the enemy, or face death in order to preserve the technological secrets of the Enterprise?

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Because some pieces within this community will deal with mature situations and possible sexual scenes, the entire community is locked to minors. Therefore, you must be 18 in order to view any of the locked posts.

Having said that, I would like to make it clear that I am not a babysitter. I refuse to be held responsible for the actions of shady minors who lie about their age. I have already warned and have taken precautions against any minors viewing "inappropriate" material by labeling the community the highest level of maturity that Dream Width will allow. Consider that my disclaimer as far as my "security" policy goes regarding age.

All universes belong to their respective owners and the various companies that help bring the individual worlds to life. In other words: THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE OWNS NOTHING.

That being said, no one makes a profit from any of the pieces that are stored in this community. Also, no copyright infringement is intended. Seriously.

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